NowThisNews Is Working With Snapchat On An Ephemeral News Service

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Mobile news startup NowThisNews, built around the idea of short and viral-friendly clips of news stories, has made some inroads into big media with an investment and content partnership with NBCUniversal, but it’s also looking to build its presence in the opposite, more disruptive direction. The VC that incubated it says that NowThisNews is working on a partnership with Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging service.

Speaking on stage at TC Disrupt, Ken Lerer, a partner at Lerer-Hippeau Ventures (new name to incorporate the role of Eric Hippeau) and the person who helped originally conceive of NowThisNews, says there is a “deal to be done shortly” between the two.

It’s not clear exactly what that deal may entail, but there had already been some ideas laid down before today.

From its earliest inception, NowThisNews has set out to use social networks as a primary distribution channel. You can share clips on sites like Facebook and…

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