Boom! Google integrates Chrome apps into the Mac OS X Finder




Google’s(s goog) strategy to use the Chrome browser as a desktop replacement took another step forward on Friday. Users of Chrome Canary, an experimental version of Google’s browser, can now associate Mac(s aapl) files with supporting Chrome apps in the Finder. This means that instead of opening a basic text file with the native OS X TextEdit, you can open it with a Chrome app like Text, Caret or Simple Text.

In this screenshot, for example, I’m in the Mac OS X Finder and about to open a basic text file called readme.txt. Note that I can choose a number of apps that can open and show text files and the default is Apple’s own TextEdit. In the list of apps, however, you can see Caret — a packaged app from Google’s Chrome Web Store that behaves just like a native app on any system with Chrome installed.

finder with chrome apps


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