The Saturday Six: Creative Business Cards


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You know what you hardly see anymore nowadays?  Those fishbowl things at the local restaurant that you drop your business card into and win a burrito or free gelato for a week.

You know why?

 Because everyone’s information is online, which means that people don’t need to carry business cards anymore.

And do you know what has replaced the business card?

This thing:


The Quick Response or QR code was originally designed in 1994 by the Japanese to keep track of automobiles.  Either that, or it may have been a character sketch for some Atari game.  One or the other.  Nonetheless, they are used today the world over to receive $5 off sandwiches at those food trucks that sell cold scrambled eggs. This is what we call “moving technology forward.”

Do you know what company has suffered most because of this movement in technology?  Yes, you guessed it!  Business Card Case Holder…

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