Ducolax: Suppository Elevator


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I am all for being creative with adverts – that’s what my blog is for anyway! But I’m sure there’s some kind of line? Anyone know? Because I’m sure this may cross over the gross-and-uncomfortable-advert line! I posted a similar style Ducolax advert back in 2012 from two Korean students who did it as a rollercoaster, see that post here, and it seems they’ve got jobs in an agency! From a Korean agency called Zzachin Idea, they cleverly use a capsule shaped elevator in Han River, Seoul and a giant image of a babies bum to “show everyone how to use them in a creative way”. It’s creative in the way they have used a location specific elevator that looks like that, but I’m not sure everyone needs to see how to use them in this way. What do you all think? Too much or OK?


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