How’s Ford Motor Comp. doing?


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  1. Company overview    indexFPRB_FeelDiff_4C_VtHt_R02

Ford Motor Company is one of top ten ranked large enterprises in the automotive industry. Ford Motor Company instantly became a famous automobile company with the release of their first affordable automobile, the Model T, in the United States and has continually improved their products in order to lead the world’s automobile market. Currently, the company has expanded their business across six continents. The founder, Henry Ford, established the company in Detroit in June 1903, a mecca of car manufacturing industry (“Henry Ford”). He had a clear vision to make a new type of cars, which is not only for rich people but also for all people.

Following Henry Ford’s beliefs, Ford continues to strive to manufacture functional and luxurious cars at an affordable price. After the overcoming the Great Depression, the company used the experience and knowledge they gained and still continue to contribute to…

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