Notes from the Marketo S-1 IPO Filing


Useful for all, so to share.

David Cummings on Startups

I enjoy reading S-1 IPO filings. They’re just about the nerdiest, and most honest, documents you’ll find that spill all the darkest secrets of a company (salaries, equity ownership positions, valuations at each financing round, etc). So, when I read that Marketo’s S-1 filing is finally public, I jumped right in. Marketo’s the arch-enemy of Pardot, so over the years we’d debate things like how many customers do they really have (vs claimed to have), how much were they valued at each time they raised money, etc. Well, now we know.

Here are some notes from the Market S-1 IPO filing:

  • Over 2,000 customers (pg. 1)
  • In 2011, one client paid over $324k that year – (pg. 1)
  • Revenues (pg. 1):
    2010 – $14mm
    2011 – $32.4mm
    2012 – $58.4mm
  • Losses (pg. 1):
    2010 – $11.8mm
    2011 – $22.6mm
    2012 – $34.4mm
  • Key benefits (pg. 3):
    – Drives faster revenue…

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