Real-Time Lightweight Business Dashboards


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David Cummings on Startups

One of the trends we’ll be seeing this decade is more intuitive reporting and real-time dashboards. At Pardot we employed LED Scoreboards whereby we had a large TV mounted on the wall with our current quarter’s goals displayed in a Google Spreadsheet that was manually updated daily. From a technology standpoint, we had looked into real-time business dashboards but hadn’t gotten around to implementing one.

Here are the real-time lightweight business dashboards I’ve seen on the market:

  • Geckoboard
    $19/month for 20 connections
    12 employees on LinkedIn (source)
  • Cyfe
    $19/month for unlimited everything
    1 employee on LinkedIn (source)
  • Leftronic
    $42/month for 2 dashboards
    10 employees on LinkedIn (source)
  • Ducksboard
    $25/month for 3 dashboards
    9 employees on LinkedIn (source)

At a glance, it looks to be a small but competitive market. Real-time lightweight dashboards will become even more common as…

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