Sam Walton: Made in America Book


David Cummings on Startups

Recently I finished reading Sam Walton: Made in America, the autobiography of the founder of Wal-Mart. Two years ago I had read about the book on another blog as a great one for entrepreneurs to read — I wasn’t disappointed. Entrepreneur autobiographies is one of my favorite categories of book and this one is awesome, especially if you like entertaining anecdotes, leadership lessons, and inspiring ideas.

Here are some notes from the book:

  • Sam started out in retail because that was the best job offer he had out of college
  • Bentonville, Arkansas was chosen because it was close to his in-laws and near four states for hunting seasons
  • Wal-Mart wasn’t started until Sam was in his 40s as it was an itch he had to scratch (a market opportunity he felt compelled to go after)
  • Having a plane and a pilot’s license was a competitive advantage for Sam so…

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