Simple Lessons to Live By


We Found Wonderful

I have to admit that most of my posts here are my random musings. These are simple realizations and thoughts that I’ve had for the past few days… I want to share them simply because I would like to reach out to people who are going through similar things, in the hopes of finding something worth “picking up” and learning simple lessons in dealing with life’s stumbling blocks. 🙂

“Value the people who have patience for your quirks and bad habits. Know that not many people will be that kind, that patient and that understanding of your weaknesses and shortcomings. Love them and cherish them most.”

A good friend told me those words a few years back. At that time, I never really understood what they meant. Since my friend was pointing out my personal “areas for improvement” during the conversation, my immature and bratty self was short-sighted and…

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