The first football kit


Mummy Says...

Later on today, Milin will wear his first football kit and go to his first football lesson. I’ll be there, watching from the side of the hall, and probably feeling like the proudest, happiest mum in the world.

Little Kickers

Tony thinks I might be being over-eager. He’s not so sure that we needed to book our two-year-old son into a term of football with Little Kickers. I don’t agree.

Milin loves kicking a ball about. He’s loved doing it since he could stand on his own two feet alone. He kicks with purpose, he’s got a good aim and sends the ball off, fast, in the direction he wants it to go. He can kind-of tackle and dribble. He gets the concept of a goal – and he’s also watched enough football on TV to get the concept of a dive too. He is used to following instructions and a…

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